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Ai Wu Jiang salon hold at jinlun hotel


After Mr. Wang’s speech, Wu Peng, the director and, Lin Yuan, Wen Zhiyuan the project manager of International Development Department (IDD) of CFPA shared their experiences and feelings of their study and internship in Mercy Corps.
Wu Peng focus on the systematic level, he shared the whole picture of administrative management and project operation of Mercy Corps. The condition that Mercy Corps will go into a country; the process that the Mercy Corps will do when its decide to build a new office; the problem that Mercy Corps will take care when they want to start in a new country; the way that Mercy Corps to manage its office; the standard that Mercy Corps to classify its projects and the way Mercy Corps to raise money. All this can be summarized into one sentence. Wu Peng fingered out that how Mercy Corps manage itself and learned a lot from it.