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The Fourth Phase of the Water Cellar Project Supported by XCMG was Launched in Ethiopia


On April 28, Ethiopian time, cooperating with Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG), China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD, former China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) successfully held the launch ceremony of the 4th phase of the Water Cellar Project in Amhara state. Almost 60 people including Mr. Liu Hui, General Manager of XCMG's Uganda subsidiary, representatives from the local government, Ms. Yin Qian, the Country Director of CFRD Ethiopia Office, benefited peasants attended the ceremony.

Scene of the donation ceremony

Donation Awarded


Focusing on the problem of long-term aridity and lack of clean sources of water for Ethiopia, an African country, CFRD and XCMG cooperatively launched the Water Cellar Project. The program introduced the Chinese water cellar techniques that solved the drinking problem in the arid zones of China. Through approaches like collecting rooftop water and underground water, the rainwater stored during the rainy season could be utilized for the villagers and livestock to drink, and farming in arid areas. Thus it could alleviate the shortage of drinking water led by natural disasters and lack of facilities, help families to reduce the time and cost of acquiring water, and improve their ability to access the water resource. Since 2016, the Africa Water Cellar Program has built 121 family water cellars in OromiaAmharaand other regions from Ethiopia, benefiting 9719 people. In 2023, the 4th Phase Water Cellar Project was started formally, which was conducted in Amhara to build 40 above-ground water cellars for 40 peasant households affected by the aridity.

Program beneficiaries (1)

Program beneficiaries (2)

In his speech, Mr. Liu Hui expressed that, “XCMG is passionate about Africa continent. We hope that the launch of the 4th Phase of the Water Cellar Project could help more Ethiopian people. In the future, XCMG will get together with people from different African countries, continue to utilize the quality products of XCMG to promote the development of the local economy and construct a better future.”

Mr. Liu Hui was giving a speech

Ms. Yin Qian, the Country Director of the CFRD Ethiopia Office, introduced the programs conducted in Ethiopia and expressed gratitude for long-term support from XCMG. Yin Qian said that XCMG is the first donor enterprise with the longest time of supporting, which always fulfills their corporate social responsibility and provides help for the people in need.

Ms. Yin Qian was giving a speech