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Official Bank Account:

Foreign Exchange Donation(外币帐户)如下:

A/C  holder’s name:China Foundation for Rural Development
Beneficiary Bank:BANK OF CHINA BEIJING BRANCH No.2 Chaoyang Men Nei Da jie ,DongchengDistrict, Beijing  100010, China
Foreign currency account:324656029100

Note:overseas remittance have to filling  SWIFT  CODE

Online Donation Platforms:

The following are the official online donation platforms of China Foundation for Rural Development. You may donate to our programs directly.


1. Donate to our programs via Official WeChat platform donation channel: 

search "全民公益" on WeChat or scan the codes below to donate



2. Donate to our programs via Official T-Mall(Taobao)charity store:


3. Donate to our programs via Alipay Philanthropy donation platform:


4. Donate to our programs via Tencent Philanthropy Platform: