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Speech on the Closing Ceremony of International Responsibility Forum on December 16th, 2013

Duan Yingbi, Chairman of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

 Distinguished guests, leaders, and friends:

Good afternoon!

Non-governmental Forum on International Social Responsibility will be over after a whole day of busy and enthusiastic activities.

There is no doubt that this is a theme forum with a higher level, wide participation range, high representative, rich contents and international vision.

Chairman Huang Mengfu, the principals from the sponsors and supporters such as Poverty Relief Office of the State Council, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, and China Promotion Association for International Exchange Association of Non-governmental Organizations, China's most famous scholars, and the related persons delivered speeches, keynote speeches, and comments on the whole forum around the theme of "China’s international social responsibility and non-governmental organizations helping each other ", and put forward unique insights into this important issue, i.e. the civil forces including enterprises, charitable organizations, think tanks, media and the public, how to fulfill the social responsibility. Let us express our heartfelt thanks with warm applause.

China's International Social Responsibility is a work with high unprecedented history value and unique insights. It was written by Chinese and Myanmar scholars after 16 months of hard efforts. Around the financial aid by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the above mentioned book and its involved several important topics, the writers and guests from the Chinese government departments, domestic and foreign academic circles, non-governmental organizations presented high-level elaboration, replies and comments, allowing the forum to show not only stronger professional nature and a broad field of vision, but also higher vitality and fun through review and interaction. Let us express our most sincere thanks to the authors for their far travel to Africa, Myanmar and other countries and regions, as well as their hard work day and night! We would like to present our warm appreciation to the experts participating in the book review for their academic opinions and suggestions, and at the same time, to all representatives participating in the forum for their excellent viewpoints and recommendations!

Best practices from Chinese companies, especially overseas Chinese companies and multinational companies in China in performing the international social responsibility, and their share wonderfully provided vivid and valuable practical elements for this forum. Let's give them warmest applause for their bold exploration or mature practical actions during the performance of international social responsibility of corporate citizenship!

Today, the delegates carried out in-depth discussion and communication around the them of "China’s international social responsibility and non-government helping each other ", and the major topic of how the Chinese government and non-governmental organizations to perform their international social responsibility, deepened the understanding and thinking of the following questions and ideas, and also have reached a lot of consensus and results. These achievements include:

——After 35 years of reform and opening up, China has changed from a closed country into an open country, from a economically weak country to a middle-income country and the world's second largest economy, from a recipient country gradually to a donor country, from a foreign investment inputting country to a investment county with greater foreign investment than introduced investment. As a result, many developing countries are full of expectation and the international community is also full of new hope towards China, which has been requiring and prompting China to make new thinking and response, namely, we need perform the summary and reflection about the foreign aid and international social responsibility China has done over the past more than half a century, carry out inheritance and innovation, initiate new strategic positioning and mode, reshape China’s new international image, and promote China's industrial upgrading, social progress and sustainable development.

——China’s foreign contact has become from pure inter-government exchanges in the past to all-dimensional external exchanges with millions of people for economic activities, more than 80 million tourism, and more than ten million of new overseas emigrants every year. This sudden expansion of external exchanges has both good news and bad news, both harmony and conflict, and both praise and criticism as well. Such situation promotes us to think about whether the country should transform from a foreign communication mode as a pure government, to a three-dimensional foreign communication mode as a mutually complementary role between "government-led institute" and "non-governmental organization". Therefore, the government need further summarize previous experience, adhere to the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist, reform the traditional system of foreign aid and contact, actively explore the mode of entrusting non-governmental organizations to undertake international aids, shift direct G2G and B2G aid modes into P2P mode, increase the involvement degree of aid projects with local indigenous people demands, upgrade the aid efficiency and accuracy, and improve the interpersonal influence, propagation force of aid and social influence of aids, so as to promote China's international image remodeling.

——Chinese enterprises’ performance of international social responsibility is the need of establishing the image of China as a responsible power, but also realizing benign interaction with the people of the host community and sustainable development in the process of internationalization. Overseas Chinese companies need to actively select and entrust non-governmental organizations to participate in international community assistance, so as to promote the accuracy and professional degree of aids, and the media transmission power and social influence from aids, in turn, help enterprises to enhance their strategic landing ability and sustainable development ability.

——Facing the huge demand and huge international stage for China’s globalization development and comprehensively international exchanges, China's non-governmental organizations need to go abroad and actively play roles in the international humanitarian assistance, international community aid, and advocacy of international public space building and public interest maintaining. In addition, they need to prepare enough to bear the important mission of carrying on entrust of governments and overseas Chinese enterprises to participate in international aid and international community assistance. It is a serious challenge and also a career worth to devote to mobilize domestic Chinese citizens to voluntarily participate in China’s international social responsibility construction through money and time contribution on the global stage.  

——Non-governmental organizations in China also are responsible for prompting Chinese citizens’ raising of international consciousness by means of communication, interaction, and training, so as to urge a growing number of Chinese citizens to play the roles of both nationality angel and internationalism angel and to promote upgrade  of China's international image and ability.

——The research experts, academics and media in China bear the responsibility of investigation and study, propagation and promotion, to drive the governments, enterprises, civil organizations and the public's thinking, interaction and action, so as to promote China to provide service for our modernization and civilization upgrade via its own internationalization and taking advantage of the international stage, as well as contribute more to the maintaining international public interests.

——The discussion on the Myanmar case has provided a living evidence for the above discussion and thinking. We must adjust our thinking, face the problems, spread the positive energy, and seek breakthrough in crisis so as to reconstruct new all-round friendly relations with the neighboring countries jointly by the government and non-governmental organizations.

Distinguished guests, leaders, and friends, I believe that these insights will be helpful for deeper understanding and thinking about China's international social responsibility in a broader range, guiding and promoting the Chinese government and the folk, academics and media to actively and effectively conduct external exchanges, humanitarian aid, and international community assistance. We all are expecting that it will upgrade the image of China in the international stage to play an active role and our common contribution to promoting the human development, progress, environmental protection, peace and civilization which the Chinese nation should do.

In a word, this is a successful forum. Here, on behalf of the organizers, I express my heartfelt thanks once again for enthusiastic presence of the leaders, guests, and friends! Finally, I wish every guest is successful and healthy! I wish a good trip of friends from Beijing and outside China!

Thank you very much!

December 16, 2013