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The Starting Line won the Outstanding Film Award of the 8th China International Philanthropic Movie Festival


      The film "The Starting Line" won the Outstanding Film Award of the 8th China International Philanthropic Movie Festival. This film is inspired by a true story of two girls who come from urban and rural respectively, and become good friends through Moving Forward Program. The Starting Line intends to advocate more people to pay close attention to educational equality and social justice.


 The Starting Line won the Outstanding Film Award of  the 8th China International Philanthropic Movie Festival


     Zhuoxi and Zihan, two 9-years-old girls from Yunnan Province and both study in third grade. Zhuoxi is from Kunming City while Zihan is from a village of Huize County, they live quite different because their hometowns are blocked by mountains. Since 2018, Moving Forward Program of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has been implemented in Nuozu School where Zihan studied at. Through the program, Zhuoxi uses her pocket money to make a monthly donation to build a partner relationship with Zihan. The two girls gradually become close friends and learn more about each other’s lives. They are determined to pursue the bright future together, and develop their friendship in the long run of their lifetime.


Zhuoxi and Zihan have the same dream


     Zhuoxi and Zihan have the same dream - to contribute to society when they grow up. In the past, Zihan’s dream was to go out to work and support the family. However, when she got in touch with Zhuoxi, she realized how wonderful it is to go to college. Currently, her dream is to learn skills to be able to make contribution to her hometown someday. As for Zhuoxi, she also hopes that she can get into her ideal university and be able to help children in the poverty-stricken areas so that they can be able to live a good life without worrying about money.


     The Moving Forward Program is a comprehensive and development-oriented philanthropic program, aiming at helping children in poverty-stricken areas to develop in an all-round way and promoting the educational equality between cities and rural areas by providing support for children in poverty-stricken areas to improve condition and capability through continuous care and support.

The Ceremony of China International Philanthropic Movie Festival


     From May 2014 to December 31, 2019, the Moving Forward Program has benefited 43,346 students and 1,697 teachers. The Program has been successfully implemented in Weining County and Hezhang County of Guizhou Province, Zhenxiong County and Huize County of Yunnan Province, Longlin County of Guangxi Province and Maoxian County of Sichuan Province.