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Ai Wu Jiang salon hold at jinlun hotel


During this salon, Wang Xingzui, the vice president of China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) stated his view of the internationalization of Chinese NGO. He divided his speech into 3 parts: 1, why Chinese NGO should work aboard? 2, how can Chinese NGO work aboard? 3, What CFPA has done to work aboard? Used it as an Example, Wang Xingzui analyzed the internationalization of CFPA with the method of 3 periods. The first period is from 2005 to 2009, during this period, the internationalization of CFPA limited in emergency respond to nature disasters. CFPA cooperated with INGO such as Mercy Corps to help those people who have suffered a lot. After that, the internationalization of CFPA entered into the second period. In this period, CFPA started to send its own staff to foreign countries for its own projects. This year CFPA entered a new period, the third one, by registered 2 offices in Myanmar and Nepal, successively. That marks the CFPA started to transform to INGO. Till now, CFPA has project in 5 countries (Cambodia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sudan.) with 2 foreign offices, but we still need to do more in internationalization before we can call CFPA as an INGO.