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The Child Companion Plan Program Wins the 12th China Charity Award


On September 5, 2023, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) held the 12th "China Charity Awards" Commendation Meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In order to recognize the advanced and typical in the field of public welfare and charity, according to the "China Charity Awards" Selection and Recognition Measures, MCA decided to award 144 individuals, teams, donating enterprises, charitable projects and charitable trusts, after the recommendation of the relevant parties, the jury voting and network voting, consulting the views of the relevant departments, and the social publicity and other procedures. The Child Companion Plan Program of CFRD which is strategically supported by Alibaba Foundation, was awarded the China Charity Awards and accepted the award on stage as one of the representatives of the winning charitable projects.


This heavy honor is not only for the children with the mothers rooted in the countryside, service to children's affirmation and encouragement, but also for the countless behind the project to pay the donors, actors, advocates of the sincere thanks. This hard-earned honor belongs to the Child Mate Mothers Project, and also belongs to every partner who participates in and supports the project.

Since CFRD launched the "Child Companion Plan Program” in 2015, it has continued to explore and innovate, empowering rural women to carry out care and protection work for rural children. The program has built a rural childcare and protection service system, delivered child welfare and protection services to the last step; fostered a professional female workforce rooted in the countryside; and formed a set of scalable, replicable and effective child welfare delivery and protection model. 2018, the Child Companion Plan Program became an strategic cooperation program of the Alibaba Foundation, and the program has received strong support from business owners on Alibaba’s Goods for Good Platform since it was launched. Over the past eight years, with the efforts of all sectors of society, the project has benefited more than 810,000 rural children in 1,571 villages in 120 counties in 11 provinces and is a model program in the construction of grassroots child welfare service system nationwide. Among them, since 2018, more than 118 million yuan has been raised through the Alibaba Goods for Good Platform, supported by more than 2,197 million love orders from consumers, benefiting 1,091 villages and providing love and companionship for about 560,000 rural children. Among them, 330,000 loving merchants in the maternal and childcare industry supported the Chinese mother-children's companion program, cumulative donations of 25.13 million yuan, benefiting 300 villages, more than 150,000 village children, each order is carried full of love!

Kid's Companion Mother Holding Kids on Home Visits

In recent years, the project has continued to innovate, optimize and upgrade. In terms of project management, the project promotes the construction of a digital management platform and the signing and dynamic updating of data on the charity platform of the Alibaba Foundation, so as to realize the visualization of the progress of project implementation and the real-time updating of data; in terms of the program mode, the project has established a professional grassroots team of grassroots children's service providers with Children Companion Plan as the main focus for the care and protection of children in villages, and at the same time, it has cultivated professionals for social governance in villages. 

Child Companion Mothers are working on child information system entry

Home visits and homework help for children by Child Companion Mothers

The year 2023 is the opening year for the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, and a key year for consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation and effectively linking rural revitalization. Under the background of rural revitalization, the demand for children's services has changed from protecting the basics to promoting development, requiring higher quality and more refined measures. In the future, the Children's Companion Mother Plan Program will continue to work with Alibaba Foundation and more loving merchants and enterprises to promote the comprehensive development and high-quality development of rural children on the basis of consolidating the basic and bottom-up services for children's welfare and protection, so that more rural children can have love and companionship.

Child Companion Mothers Actor Yao Chen doing crafts with Child Companion Mothers and Children