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Shoreline, Enjoying the Magnificent Coast View”—The 2023 Tianjin Great Walker Charity Hiking Successfully Held


On September 2, the 2023 Tianjin Great Walker charity hiking co-sponsored by China Foundation For Rural DevelopmentCFRD and the Administrative Committee of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, started in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city.

       2023 Tianjin Great walker team members officially kicked off the journey

At the activity, Chen Zhigang, Vice President of CFRD, Chen Hongtao, Executive Director of CFRD, Wang Peng, Deputy Executive Director of CFRD, Zhang Xingrui, Standing Committee Member of Tianjin Binhai New District Committee & Director of District Office, Wang Guoliang, Secretary of the Party Committee & Director of the Management Committee of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, Bi Yuxi, deputy editor-in-chief of iQIYI, Sun Nan, head of the marketing department of Tasly Healthcare of Tasly Holding Group, Li Yang, general manager of Tianjin, co-partner of Beipai Pedicure, Wang Zhenjiang, manager of the Tianjin office of Danone (China), Xu Jier, representative of the Likuang Running Group, ambassador of 2023 Tianjin Great walker, "Ten Chintian"(十个勤天), ambassador of 2023 Tianjin Great Walker" Li Qiangli, Lu Zhuo, Wang Yihang, Zhuo Yuan attended the departure ceremony and sounded the horn for the event. 2800 hiking enthusiasts gathered at the National Maritime Museum of Binhai New District, embarked on a journey for love, and interpreted the belief that "every step brings change" of the good walkers in the way of walking, not forgetting the original intention and setting off with love!

Leaders and guests collectively tooted the horn

Nine Years of Good Deeds, Toward a New Journey of Activism

Great Walker is a public welfare hiking initiated by CFRD in 2014. It encourages the public to form teams to complete the walking challenge, and with the initial aspiration and belief that "every step brings change", participate in rural public welfare projects, create a good public welfare atmosphere and help rural revitalization. 2023 is the ninth year of the Great Walker, and it is the first time that the Great Walker has landed in Tianjin, where there is a strong atmosphere of public welfare and the Great Walker will burst out more love and energy with the public of the city. 2023 Tianjin Great Walker charity hiking activities, route length of 35 kilometers, the new addition of parent-child group, route 12 kilometers to advocate parents and children hand in hand for the love of walking, building the hope of rural revitalization.


Chen said that the Great Walker charity hiking activities have promoted the healthy development of mass cultural and sports activities, and at the same time strongly promoted the development of social welfare and charitable undertakings. Since 2014, 20 events have been successfully held in many cities, with more than 40,000 Great Walker actively participating, 620,000 people giving donations and consumption help, and a total of more than 90 million China Yuan of charitable donations have been raised, and more than 200,000 disadvantaged groups have been helped.  The Great Walker activities have made positive contributions to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. It is hoped that people from all walks of life and the general cadres and masses will actively participate in and support it.

Speech by Mr. Chen Zhigang, Vice President of CFRD

Zhang Xingrui said Binhai New District give us three kinds of happiness: 

First, happy to do good deeds: may the road taken by the team members of the good deed is the most beautiful scenery. Second, happy to play: Binhai New District is very dense tourist attractions, you can fully release their passion from morning to night, suitable for in-depth tours. Third,happy to live: the ultimate goal of the good deeds and play is to make the life more enjoyable and full of sunshine.

Speech by Zhang Xingrui, Standing Committee of Tianjin Binhai New Area District Committee & Director of the District Committee Office

Public goodwill to help the new development of the countryside

The funds raised from the activity will be used to care for rural children in poverty-stricken areas of Gansu Province, the counterpart of Binhai New District, to help them improve their scientific literacy; on the other hand, it will be used to help students in universities in TianJin with economic difficulties and good character to complete their studies; in addition, the “Great Walker Helping Farmers" program is on line simultaneously to advocate that the public can help farmers in underdeveloped areas to sustainably increase their incomes through the consumption of agricultural products.


Mr. Wang Guoliang said that the Eco-city is a cooperation project between the governments of China and Singapore, and with its lakes, seas, bays and 40 parks, the Eco-city is the first national demonstration area for green development, and also a national demonstration area for all-region tourism, and has been recognized as a demonstration case for the most beautiful bays at the national level. We hope that the Great Walker team members present will bathe in the pleasant sea breeze and start the long-awaited Great Walker journey together. At last he expressed the wish that every Good Samaritan would achieve good results.

Speech by Mr. Wang Guoliang, Secretary of Party Committee & Director of Tianjin Eco-city

Humanity and nature, open route new experience

The year 2023 will mark the 15th anniversary of the development and construction of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, as well as the 10th anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to the Eco-city. Over the years, the Eco-city has always taken the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions as a fundamental guideline, and has carried out a lot of fruitful explorations and practices in "realizing the harmonious coexistence of human beings, human beings and economic activities, and human beings and the environment". The former saline wasteland has been transformed into a lush green urban oasis, a resource-saving, environmentally friendly, economically prosperous, socially harmonious green new city accelerating the rise of the Bohai Sea coast, and become a vivid example of the full implementation of Xi Jinping's idea of ecological civilization.


The 2023 Tianjin Great Walker Walk focuses on green ecology, openness and cooperation, wisdom and innovation, and vitality and happiness in its route design, and integrates the Eco-city's landscape landmarks, such as the National Museum of Oceanography, Ecological Science and Technology Park, the Sino-Singapore Friendship Library, and the Fantasia Fun World, in the hope that it will bring a new experience to Great Walker team members from all over the country, who will fall in love with the Eco-city during their walks. We hope to bring new feelings and interactive experiences to the members of the hiking team from all over the country, and fall in love with the Eco-city, Binhai New District and Tianjin during the hiking process.


Celebrity Gathering, Blooming Star Power for Public Welfare

Li Gongyi, Lu Zhuo, Wang Yihang, Zhuo Yuan, as the 2023 Tianjin Great Walker charity hiking ambassadors, practiced the public welfare with their actions, gathered the power of youth, and demonstrated the responsibility of youth. On the day of the event, they became site volunteers, distributing supplies and cheering for the team members, and at the same time calling on the public to actively participate in charity activities and help revitalize the countryside.

2023 Tianjin Great Walker charity hiking activity Four Love Ambassadors

Initiated by Xu Jie'er, the representative of 2023 Tianjin Great Walker Ambassador, Liliang Women's Running Troupe, the all-star women's running troupe is the first women's star running troupe in China. Since its establishment, it has participated in many domestic and international marathons and competitions, and physically conveyed positive energies. They have participated in charity walking challenges and actively raised funds for the Love Parcel (Science and Innovation Packet) project, the New Great Wall College Students' Funding Program, and the Good Deeds for Farming Program, blossoming the power of “her”!

Group photo of Lilium Running Team

Multi-Party Concerted Efforts to Empower New Vitality for Good Deeds

The first Tianjin Great Walker, has gained the full support of various support units, enterprises, media and schools, escorting the team members from funds, materials, services, insurance and other aspects, providing the optimal participation experience and ensuring that the Great Walker set off happily and arrive safely. Along the way, there were not only beautiful scenery for company, but also from the Movie Channel (CCTV-6), China Securities Association, iQIYI Social Responsibility, Tasly Health, C Cellular Vitality, Skyline, Lenovo, Chang'an Insurance, Beipai Pedicure, Danone (China), HAYUN Book Rafting, Swan Rescue,Powerrun, XINCHAO Media, Captive Media, Technology, Juhaokan, Wanda Plaza of Tianjin Eco-city, PDG, Luohasi, Codoon, Yue Sen Sports, Shiba Sport, Run smarttech, All City Hot Practice Rope Skipping Club, Mararun, Hetong, Qinshan Sports, Sweet Apricot Culture, Tianjin University, Tianjin Agricultural College, Tianjin Tianshi College, prepared thoughtful services for the players on the route, creating a relaxed and lively atmosphere, and nearly 1,000 people went all out to make this public welfare carnival blossom and bring infinite Vigor.


In September, great walkers gathered in  Tianjin Eco-city to complete the double challenge of public welfare and hiking. The road is endless, love is endless, and we expect the Great Walker team members to reap not only the honor of a hike, but also the joy born from good deeds.


The  Great Walker charity hiking has well demonstrated the beautiful scenery, history, culture and humanistic heritage of the host site, and has been praised by all walks of life, with a good social response, and has become a brand activity with strong influence in mobilizing social forces to consolidate the results of the poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, comprehensively promote the revitalization of the countryside, as well as promoting the host site's regional development and prosperity of the cultural and tourism industry. For more information about the event, please visit the “Great Walker" WeChat public account.