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2016 CFPA Annual Donor Meeting Held in Beijing


March 28, 2017, the 2016 Annual Donor Meeting of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) was held in Beijing. The theme of this year’s event was "Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Steady Development". More than 300 representatives of donor agencies, individuals, partners and media reporters attended.


Liu Wenkui, Executive Director of CFPA, delivered the organization’s annual work report for the year 2016 to those assembled. China Poverty Alleviation Foundation received a total income of RMB 471 million in 2016; of which RMB 290 million was donated to CFPA by 3070 organizations, and RMB 180 million in over 1.4 billion instances by the general public. Of the total income received, RMB 456 million was spent directly on aid projects and RMB 6.55 billion disbursed in microfinance loans.


To date CFPA operates philanthropic projects covering 31 provinces (including autonomous regions and directly governed municipalities) in 868 counties and 238 universities. Internationally CFPA was active in 8 countries, including Ethiopia, Ghana, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sudan, Ecuador and Haiti.


In 2016, 4,293,989 impoverished persons and disaster victims benefited from our work. 61,000 volunteers provided 1.39 million man-hours of service for CFPA.