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Co-creation Meeting of Women's Development Issues - Collective Brainstorming to Explore the Path of Women's Development


On the afternoon of March 22, 2023, the Co-creation Meeting of Women’s Development Issues, which was hosted by the sponsor Roundtable Forum, was launched in Beijing. The meeting convened industry experts and organizations to discuss issues through both online and offline approaches. Different parties exchanged views on the new needs and problems of women's development and the solutions, which were the main concerns of the China society.

Deputy Executive Director of CFRD was sharing experience

Under the macro background of women's development issues globally, CFRD also consistently explores the way to develop in women empowerment, designing and conducting several brand programs; Women's Major Disease Relief Program ensures the fundamental health of women; Cyber MulanLoving Heart Baby Sitter and other programs motivate the intrinsic power to the sustainable development of rural women and support their economic empowerment. While solving the problem of left-behind children, Children Companion Plan helps those companion mothers to actively participate in social governance of local rural by providing knowledge and strength training for them. 

Group photo of the co-creation meeting of women's development issues

The Outline for Women's Development in China (2021-2030) points out that promoting the construction of a community of a shared future for mankind, creating a world without discrimination against women, and shaping a well-developed, inclusive world introduce new requirements for promoting the development of the cause of global gender equality. While being led by policies which promote the new development of rural revitalization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas, support for the safeguard of women's health care, education and economic empowerment is particularly important. The caring issue for women in the context of the ageing problem and women's development under digital technological innovation also needs more social common concern.

CFRD will also combine the experience of previous programs, gather the strengths of the government, enterprises, and society, actively respond to the needs of the industry within the feasible scope, and work with all sectors of society to promote the development of rural women in the new era.