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2019 Great Walker in Chengdu successfully held


    The Great Walker, launched by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) in 2014, is one of the largest fund-raising trekking events combining charity with sports. Participants divided into teams of four are encouraged to trek to complete a 50km trail within limited time in one day. The motto “One StepOne Change” encourages participants to support philanthropy with their actions, promote comprehensive development of children in poor areas, and support the development of NGOs.    

    On April 20th, 2019, the Great Walker Charity Fund-Raising Trekking Event in Chengdu was held. 3415 participants from China and other countries around the world formed 947 teams, and set out from South Bridge Square of Dujiangyan, Chengdu city, Sichuan province. This is the first event of the Great Walker in 2019.

Participants are ready to set out

The route of the Chengdu Great Walker combined historical culture and natural scenery of Chengdu, covering three famous world cultural heritage sites and passing through the famous attractions such as Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain.

Guests initiating the event

    On the day of the event, more than 3,415 walkers encountered a heavy rain, but the rain and muddy mountain roads did not stop our great walkers to continue this trekking challenge.

Participants running in the rain

    At 8:50 on April 20th, the Dujiangyan Government issued a yellow warning for lightning. After urgent consultations, the organizing committee immediately launched an emergency plan for the safety of each participating team. China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, as well as the Dujiangyan Municipal People's Government has mobilized 1,600 staff, including public security, traffic police, special police, fire department, blue sky rescue team, medical staff, and college volunteers, to fully protect participants’ safety by providing medical care and professional team service. The organizing committee also urgently coordinated 60 vehicles to reach the supply points and transported the team members back to the destination South Bridge Square. All participants and volunteers arrived safely at the destination.

The organizing committee making the emergency plan


    This year is the sixth year that China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation launches the Great Walker. As the first event in 2019, Great Walker in Chengdu has received strong support from 17 companies, 8 media and 5 event platforms. Besides providing sufficient support for the participants on the route, the partners also provided communication support for the activities,. In addition, well-known actor Chen Qiaoen and singer Liu Genghong also participated in this activity to advocate for the concept of philanthropy.

Singer Liu Genghong picked up garbage while trekking

    From February 25 to the day of the Great Walker event in Chengdu, the participants had raised more than 2.15 million yuan for philanthropic projects.

    The sixth year of the Great Walker has achieved a breakthrough. According to the organizer, the third Chengdu Great Walker marked the beginning of the Great Walker in 2019. Later the Great Walker will be held in Beijing, Guangzhou and Longmenshan. With the Great Walker being held in more and more cities, the concept of “sports and charity” will be more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the general public, continuing to create a good philanthropic atmosphere in the society, and mobilizing more social forces to participate in poverty alleviation.