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2020 “99 Giving Day” Launch Ceremony held in Wuhan


     On September 3, the 2020 "99 Giving Day Launching Ceremony" was officially held in the Wuhan Living Room (the original site of the "Module Hospital"). Liu Wenkui, Vice President and Executive Director of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), was invited to participate.


     It is the sixth year for "99 Giving Day". Reviewing the past five years, Tencent Charity has accompanied thousands of charitable organizations, caring companies, and many Internet users to grow together along the way, encourage, and support each other on the evolution of Internet-based philanthropy.


“99 Giving Day” Launch Ceremony


     Chen Yidan, the main founder of Tencent and founder of the Tencent Charity Foundation, delivered a keynote speech at the launching ceremony: "The '99 Giving Day' in the post COVID-19 era stands at a new starting point, and the public welfare field is also facing more new opportunities and challenges. Tencent Charity will put into more technical force and work with NPO Partners to continue to cultivate transparency, digitalization, and ecological efficiency."


Chen Yidan, the main founder of Tencent and founder of the Tencent Charity Foundation

     “While the Internet has made philanthropy more diversified and transparent, we are also actively exploring more ways of cultural creation for philanthropy on the Internet, and using new forms of interactive creative content to convey the belief of sharing weal”, said Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group. He also share his wish that 99 Giving Day will bring more goodwill and strength to the society.

      The 99 Giving Day launched by Tencent Charity has attracted more than 300 million people donating more than 7.6 billion yuan from 2015 to 2019. China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has participated in the 99 Giving Day for 6 consecutive years, raising a total of 163.07 million yuan.

      This year, 99 Giving Day has initiated comprehensive upgrades, including improving the “Little Red Flower” and “Donate Together” to improve user experience, launching new ways such as charity coupons, customized solitons, live broadcasting for charity, and so on. Through those ways, it is easier for the public to “do good things together”.


      In addition, Tencent Charity Foundation will continue to distribute 299.9 million yuan in project allocation and 100 million yuan in non-targeted allocation, as well as work with nearly 10,000 charity organizations, more than 10,000 enterprises and people from all sectors of society to build a new charity ecology after the covid-19 pandemic.