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Launch Ceremony of The Eighth Summer Activity


On July 6, Launch Ceremony of The Eighth Summer Activity "Little Philanthropic Activists" held in Beijing. The activity has been hosted for seven years, attracting over 50000 person-times’ participation, 1 million people following philanthropic platforms, and 2000 people joining in monthly giving initiative to care for rural children.

Launch Ceremony of The Eighth Summer Activity "Little Philanthropic Activists".

"Little Philanthropic Activists" is a public advocacy activity specially designed for teenagers. It was launched by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) in 2016. The activity advocates young people to undertake social responsibility, actively advocate improving children’s nutrition in poverty-stricken areas to people around them, and mobilizes more people to participate in monthly giving initiative. At the same time, teenagers can exercise their abilities. In 2020, the activity was awarded the "Best Volunteer Service Project" by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Civilization Office.

"Little Philanthropic Activists" was awarded the "Best Volunteer Service Project"

In this season’s activity, the philanthropic tasks, participation methods and activity incentives will be further optimized. Firstly, the teams’ tasks will be enriched. Individual tasks will continue to influence the public to pay attention to philanthropic platforms, participate in monthly donations, watch videos, learn public welfare knowledge, invite little philanthropic activists, and make activity plans. Teams’ public welfare tasks will increase sharing project stories and disseminate team members' stories. What’s more, we will support development of multi-channel. Providing online materials and offline activity materials for little philanthropic activists to support and encourage them to do online and offline activities through multiple channels. Last but not least, incentives upgrading. This season will support the accumulation of annual love points. Little philanthropic activists can invite the last season's activists to participate in star shooting activities and obtain a higher-level certificate.

Little philanthropic activists were taking an oath.

The theme of the eighth season is "Nutritious Meals for Love", which advocates the public to support the program, which provides eggs and milk for rural children and contributes to their healthy growth. Teenagers can sign up to be the activists by searching the word " Little Philanthropic Activists " in the WeChat small program by August 31.

The QR code of “Little Philanthropic Activists”

In 2008, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation launched the Nutritious Meals Program, a philanthropic program focusing on improving children’s nutrition in poverty-stricken areas. After years of practice and exploration, CFPA has gradually formed a three-in-one program including nutritious meals, kitchen renovation, and nutrition knowledge promotion.