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Ai Wu Jiang salon hold at jinlun hotel


LinYuan shared her feeling of Mercy Corps` office in Myanmar. Except the project report, she especially mentioned 4 points that she had strong feeling about: 1) Project design. She studied from Mercy Corps that any projects should be both sustainable and capacity developing. 2) Tools. She found that Mercy Corps has so many tools in their work which are always keeping updated and how those tools can help her. 3) Self-study system. She found she can get lots of information from this system; it is a library and even more than a library because staffs in different countries can exchange their ideas from the platform. She thinks this system should be popularized to other NGOs. 4) Different countries. Mercy Corps works in different countries. She can always get new idea from other staff and HQ. She believes that is one of the best ways to maintain relationship between HQ and office in different countries. At the end of her speech, she gave a conclusion to this internship with her growth and a little regret.