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Seminar on Equitable Education Development in Western Nepal Rural Area Was Successfully Held by China Foundation For Rural Development Nepal Country Office


On August 24, 2023, on the first anniversary of the implementation of China Foundation For Rural DevelopmentCFRD's Panda Pack Project, Smiling Children Project and Youth Vocational Training Project in Lumbini Province of Western Nepal, CFRD organized a seminar on "Promoting equitable education development in rural western Nepal" with local partner, the community civil society (BASE), in Tulsipur, Lumbini province. Mr. Chandrakesh Gupta, Minister of Social Development, Lumbini Province, Nepal, Ms. Sayni Chaudhari, Deputy Mayor of Dang District Municipality, Ms. Zou Zhiqiang, Country Director of CFRD Nepal Office, Mr. Yagya Raj Chaudhari, Chairperson of BASE, Mr. Churna Bahadur Chaudhary, Secretary General of BASE, government officials of project sites, representatives of beneficiaries, representatives of mothers' groups, representatives of partners and media representatives attended the seminar. 

Seminar site

The seminar was opened with the national anthems of China and Nepal. First, the beneficiary students of the Smiling Children Program performed a moving Tharu folk dance to welcome the guests. At the same time, the Chinese people were thanked for their support for educational equity in remote areas of Nepal and for the changes and benefits that the CFRD has brought to the local community over the past year.

Beneficiary students performing dance

Afterwards, under the attention of all the guests, Minister Chandrakesh Gupta and Ms. Zou Zhiqiang lit the oil lamps symbolizing the friendship between China and Nepal to express the expectation and blessing for this seminar. 

Lighting an oil lamp symbolizing Sino-Nepalese friendship

At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Churna Bahadur Chaudhary expressed his gratitude for the implementation of the Panda Pack Program, the Smiling Child Program and the Youth Vocational Training Project in Lumbini province of western Nepal. He said, "China's experience in poverty reduction is remarkable in the world. These programs have not only helped disadvantaged children in western Nepal receive educational and nutritional support but have also helped Nepalese young people with low educational attainment gain access to vocational training, which has effectively contributed to the development of education in the region. In addition, he also mentioned that BASE, as a local NGO in Nepal, has learned a lot of project concepts, project management and project implementation experience from working with the CFRD, which will enable BASE to better ensure the equitable development of education in the region.

Statement by Mr. Churna Bahadur Chaudhary, Secretary-General of BASE

Ms. Sayni Chaudhari acknowledged CFRD's work with partner BASE to implement education equity projects in the region. He said, "The Smiling Child Program has contributed to an increase in the school attendance rate of local students. More students are attending school on time and fewer children are leaving early. At the same time, it has contributed to the improvement of the local government's education development policy. As a deputy mayor, I am now committed to increasing the support of the regional government to the community, and CFRD's program has given us a positive role model. "

Statement by Ms. Sayni Chaudhari, Deputy Mayor of Tulsipur City

The mayor of the district in which the project is located made a statement, expressing his appreciation for the positive impact that the Smiling Children Program and the Panda Pack Program have positive impact on the psychological development and learning of the students - the children are more interested in going to school and interacting with others. At the same time, these programs have promoted the development of equitable education in the region. They also hope that the local government will learn from the projects and cover the areas where the projects are not currently implemented.

Statement by the Governor of the district in which the project is located

Asmita Bhandari, a beneficiary of the Smiling Children program, is a fourth-grade student. She says that now that the school provides a glass of milk in the morning and a meal at noon so that she can concentrate on her studies without worrying about having no food. The meals provided by the program have not only significantly boosted her motivation to go to school and study, but have also eased the burden on her family. She thanked the people of China for donating to the program and expressed her desire to meet the Chinese donors.


Statement by Asmita Bhandari, beneficiary of the Smiling Children Program

Minister Chandrakesh Gupta said, "The experience of CFRD is worth learning from government departments. In the past one year of implementing the program, the experience of China's programs is worth learning and further promoting, and these programs have played a key role in creating a brighter future for the children in remote communities in Nepal.”

Statement by Chandrakesh Gupta, Minister of Social Development of Lumbini Province


He then presented letters of appreciation to the CFRD, partner BASE, Alibaba foundation and Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, as well as prizes to the members of the Mothers' Group who participated in the feeding program, the outstanding students of the Warm Hearted Parcel Project's drawing competition, and the school teachers who supported the program. 

Ms. Zou Zhiqiang, Country Director of the CFRD Nepal Office, thanked all the guests for attending the seminar. She said, "This seminar provides us an opportunity to get a better understanding of the Nepalese government's policy on education development in the western region and feedback from various stakeholders on our projects, so as to promote our projects to be closer to the community and to meet the needs of the locals, and to promote the friendship between China and Nepal from generation to generation.

Statement by Ms. Zou Zhiqiang, Country Director of the CFRD Nepal Office

Guests enjoying the children's paintings at the seminar.