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Earthquake Relief in Turkiye | Distributed Emergency Supplies for more than 5400 Affected People


The earthquake in Turkiye was impressive. Since February 6 2023, China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) conducted the assistance work orderly based on the local need.

On February 11, the CFRD international humanitarian assistance group went to Kirikhan from Adana There they mapped the emergency need with local government and communicated with affected people, where they realized that food, tent, rainproof cloth, and other living materials are in urgent need. 

After research, the group acted immediately, completed the purchase and loading of cooking oil and rainproof cloth on the same day, and went to Kırıkhan at 04:00 on the 12th of Turkiye time (09:00 on the 12th of Beijing time) to distribute them. A total of 590 barrels of cooking oil and 60 rolls of rainproof cloth have been distributed, benefiting 590 households and 5,400 affected people in 3 villages, namely, ICADA, BALDIRAN and OZKIZIKAYA villages in Kırıkhan County.

From 20:30 on the 12th to 4:30 on the 13th of Turkiye time, 2 vehicles and 11 persons from the CFRD International Humanitarian Action Squad Shuguang Rescue Alliance were out on dutylocal volunteers included, began the lifesaving action in Hatay il, searched in 3200 (2 buildings), and evacuated 2 victims. Despite the mother of an injured girl was suffering from a lot of pain, she still bowed to express her gratitude to the group. The group comforted the mother and families, hoping they could face the future firmly and recover their livelihood soon.

The International Humanitarian Collaboration Platform was launched on February, 11. Followingly, CFRD built a safe tent, while more materials like rice, sanitary napkins, and toilet paper were put in continuously to help the local work of emergency relief and settlement.

Peace to you!

   Humanitarian relief, Love without border!