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The Doctor Training Program Successfully Started in Litang County


On July, 17, the Opening Ceremony of The Doctor Training Program Empowerment Training was held in Litang County. Tie Zhiguo, the deputy mayor of the People’s Government of Litang County attended the Opening Ceremony and gave a speech. More than 156 people including County health Bureau, rural revitalization Bureau officers and twenty-two township and rural doctors participated in the training.

Group photo of members of the Doctor Training Program Empowerment Training in Litang County

Tie Zhiguo, the deputy mayor of the People’s Government of Litang County, on behalf of the county government, expressed a warm welcome to the guests and experts. He also emphasized that “as an important part of the rural public health technical team, rural doctors are the main providers of primary health care in rural areas and the backbone of the construction of basic medical and public health service system in rural areas. The content of this training is rich and important. It is a rare opportunity for us to improve the theoretical attainment, adjust the knowledge structure, and expand the knowledge level. I hope that you can calm down, keep focusing, and strive to learn and comprehend thoroughly.”

The Opening Ceremony of Doctor Training Program Empowerment Training in Litang County

In 2022, under the support and guidance from the National Administration for Rural Revitalization, the Doctor Training Program—Rural Medical Service Enhancing Plan was launched officially. the National Administration for Rural Revitalization forwarded the project program to the rural revitalization departments of 22 provinces (autonomous regions), including Sichuan. By providing rural doctors in underdeveloped areas with digital rounds kits and empowerment training, the Doctor Training Program improves the condition of medical facilities in underdeveloped areas, supports the capacity building of the rural doctors, improves the medical service level in rural areas, and popularizes the hygiene knowledge to provide more solid health insurance for rural people.


With the support of the Bank of Communications, the Doctor Training Program was located in Litang County, Sichuan Province. The program donates digital rounds kits and empowerment training to a hundred and forty-nine village health office of the whole county. Oriented by the practical requirement of the rural doctors in Litang County, the goal of this empowerment training is to make up for the shortcomings. Through centralized training, it aims to strengthen the fundamental knowledge and standardized operation of several technologies, master the treatment of common diseases’ symptoms and common first-aid skills, improve the professional proficiency and service level and it enhance the capacity to prevent and treat the common and frequent diseases in the countryside and improve the prevention and management of common statutory infectious diseases, so as to satisfy the growing demand for healthcare services and the family doctors' contracted services of the rural people.



Scene of the training class

In the meantime, after the training, we invited relevant experts from People's Hospital of Sichuan Province,Chengdu Third People's Hospital, Litang County People's Hospital, Litang County CDC, Litang County Tibetan Hospital to conduct free clinics In Gesar Square, Litang County as groups to provide professional and authorized health consultation and treatment service, which improve the convenience for local people to see a doctor.

The scene of the joint free clinics of the Doctor Training Program in Litang County