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China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Officially Registered in Nepal


In addition, we organized over 300 volunteers from 6 countries and regions. These volunteers worked for more than 6800 hours.We spent about 6 million RMB during the process of emergency responses and temporary settlement periods. From June to July, CFPA helped to build 9 temporary schools in Dolakha, Dhading, Nuwakort, Kavre and Satikhel, 2154 students have benefited from this initiative. CFPA also helped 4 orphanages and 2 disability rehabilitation centers which have benefited76 orphansand 62 disabled people.

The registration of CFPA office in Nepal signifies that CFPA will be involved in post-earthquake reconstruction and development projects here in Nepal on a long term basis. For operations in Nepal, CFPA will adhere to four basic principles: Needs-driven, Partnership, Sustainability and Sharing. CFPAwill work closely with government agencies such as the Social Welfare Council and local NGOs to further assess the needs and develop project plans. As per the initial feedback from various local partners, will most likely work in the areas of health, education, rural development and water supply.

In the next 5 years, CFPA will spendat least USD 100,000 annually to help Nepalese people in their post-disaster reconstruction efforts and beyond. It is hoped that inspired by CFPA more Chinese NGOs will cross the border and work internationally, including in Nepal.