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Future of Philanthropy – Youth Capacity Building


Future of Philanthropy was initiated by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in 2013 to develop youth capacity. It aims to integrate social resources, support the development of philanthropic clubs or associations in colleges and universities, promote students' participation in philanthropy, and encourage young people to explore solutions to social problems in innovative ways. It expects to cultivate young people’s creativity, ability of teamwork and social responsibility and contribute to a better future.


From 2013 to 2018, Future of Philanthropy has developed into a platform gathering Youth Philanthropy Colleges, Philanthropy Innovation Fund, and Philanthropy Practice. It has successively launched the Wrigley Environment Protection Action, Citi Undergraduate Students Educational Training on Finance, China Petroleum Talents Fund, SAP Youth Responsibility Dream+, Hilton Social Practice and other projects. In the past six years, the program supported more than 561 college and university associations, trained 1816 association leaders and benefited 800,000 young people.


In 2018, 274 philanthropic associations from 87 cities took part in Future of Philanthropy, among which 122 were core associations (participating annually for more than twice). The project influenced 300,000 undergraduate students directly. In 2018, Wrigley Environment Protection Action, Hilton Social Practice, China Petroleum Talents Fund, SAP Youth Responsibility Dream+ Competition, Tongdun Innovation Project, 99 Philanthropy Day 500X Youth Action, 2018 Undergraduate Student Philanthropy Leader Campus and regional forums were organized and carried out.