Our Domestic Work

Disaster Prevention and Risk Reduction

Through Disaster Prevention and Risk Reduction Program, CFPA raises public awareness on reducing disaster risks and enhances people’s ability to respond to disasters. The program consists of three parts, raising public awareness, training, and aid. It has established a community disaster risk reduction model based on studies of disaster risk reduction in community, the training of first community rescuer and community aid equipment. It has also established a disaster risk reduction model for children, which is mainly based on popular scientific knowledge sharing activities, publication of educational materials and building of disaster risk reduction classrooms.

From 2016 to 2018, the program input RMB 5.89 million and benefited 201,000 person-times.

In 2018, CFPA launched SAY NO 512 National Disaster Reduction and Mitigation community activities, Disaster Risk Reduction Classroom Program, Little Disaster Reduction Activist, First Rescuer Training Program and research on the rural communities’ capacity building for preventing and mitigating disasters. RMB 4.02 million had been input in this field, helping 78,000 person-times in 20 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions).