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Great Walker , One Step One Change!

The Great Walker was launched by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in 2014. Particiapnts are encouraged to form a team of four to work together to overcome difficulties and complete the 50-kilometer trekking challenge within the given time. With the slogan “One Step One Change”, the event expects people to mobilize the surroundings to support philanthropy and contribute to the comprehensive development of population in poverty-stricken areas. 

From 2014 to 2018, the Great Walker has been organized for 5 years. 8,685 teams from more than 150 cities in over 10 countries worldwide applied for the event, with 22,238 person-times’ participation in the trekking, 15,983 person-times’ completion and 22,043 person-time’ volunteering. The event had raised RMB 32.66 million of funds in total and received 386,000 person-times of donation. It also received supported from over 50 enterprises, more than 50 celebrities and over one hundred media agencies.

In 2018, the Great Walker series were successfully held in Chengdu, Beijing, Xi County of Shanxi Province, Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Longmen Mountain. A total of 2,924 teams signed up to participate, and 6,137 people successfully completed the challenge. Funds raised totaled RMB 13.79 million of funds, of which RMB 769,100 was used for Child Companion Plan, RMB 1.67 million for Domestic Panda Pack Project, RMB 3.77 million for Love Kitchen Program, RMB 4.03 million for NGO Cooperation Projects, RMB  937,100 for the Xuhang Education Project, RMB 983,800 for Panda Pack Project, RMB 153,300 for the New Great Wall Project and RMB 1.42 million for Poverty Alleviation Project of Xi County in Shanxi Province.