Our Domestic Work

Providing Microfinance to Keep Farmers' Development Company Microfinance Self-Reliance

Microfinance is a small and micro financial service supplier that takes root in rural areas. It aims at providing tailored multidimensional services, including small-amount credit loan, insurance, investment and e-commerce business, for middle and low income people in rural areas who can hardly enjoy services of traditional financial institutions and helps them live a good life through development, production and growth in earnings.


By the end of 2018, CFPA Microfinance Management Co Ltd set up small-amount loan projects in 21 provinces and 313 branches nationwide, offering RMB 40.74 billion of 2.50 million loans and benefiting over 5 million households.


In 2018, 430,900 loans were granted and the amount totaled RMB 12.9 billion, with an average of RMB 29,943 per loan. The loan balance was RMB 9 billion as the average household balance reached RMB 25,203. The rate of risk loans over 30 days was 1.04%.Among 357,000 customers, 88.6% were farmers, 59.1% were female and 84.3% holding junior school or lower degrees.