Our Domestic Work

Wonder School Program ——Facilitating NPO partners to take a joint action in the field of Education


Wonder School Program through NPO Partnerships was launched in 2018 by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and other philanthropy organizations focusing on rural education. The goal of the program is to improve the development of primary schools in rural areas and provide students with good campuses, good presidents, good teachers and good classes. It intends to guarantee the education of rural students, eliminate the intergenerational transmission of poverty, cultivate self-confidence of rural children and develop their hope for the future.


In 2018, Wonder School 99 Philanthropy Day Joint Fundraising Program organized student associations in 100 higher education institutes to carry out offline fundraising events. Funds raised amounted to RMB 4.82 million, which would be spent on rural primary school projects in Hunan, Yunnan and Shaanxi.