Our Domestic Work

Shanpin E-Commerce

Shanpin E-commerce was set up by CFPA to contribute to poverty alleviation through social enterprise. With the conviction of bringing out value of honest production, Shanpin E-commerce supports the cooperation between rural households in poverty-stricken areas nationwide and their production of high-quality agricultural goods. By helping these small rural households access the market, Shanpin E-commerce improved their ability of collaboration, production and getting market access by utilizing the power of the market itself. As a result, a sustainable development can be maintained towards poverty alleviation and the trust between the households and consumers can be established.


From 29 January 2015 to 31 December 2018, Shanpin E-commerce invested more than 40 million yuan to philanthropy programs (including planned investment) and produced 17 categories of agricultural products. The programs covered 10 target counties for national poverty alleviation, 12 severely poor counties, and helped 27 associations for poverty alleviation and 2 associations for cooperation.


In 2018, Shanpin E-commerce produced 13 categories of products, including Shimian yellow mandarin orange, Baise mango, Ya'an red heart kiwifruit, and southern Xinjiang dried fruit. The total sales of agricultural products from project cooperation associations in poverty-stricken counties reached RMB 20.44 million, with add-on sales of more than RMB 60 million. The income of 16,044 households (including 2,152 registered poor households) increased by an average of more than RMB 800. Other impressive numbers included: 8 video documentaries, 110 training activities, 278  visits and on-site work, 34 product and brand marketing events, 350 million Internet traffic, support from 20 actors and actresses, and reports by more than 50 media agencies.