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Fundraising Advocacy by Undergraduate Students

Fundraising Advocacy by Undergraduate Students was initiated by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation with the aim to provide a philanthropic platform for undergraduate students to develop their comprehensive capabilities. Through participation and operation of philanthropic projects, volunteers are able to improve their personal resistance to difficulties, eloquence, and ability to organize and coordinate activities. Fundraising Advocacy by Undergraduate Students encourages volunteers to use the weekend to carry out public advocacy activities and fundraising challenges in post offices, shops, supermarkets and other places - volunteers provide 100 hours of service, malls provide venues for 100 hours, and the public donates RMB 100 individually. Full goodwill is passed on by good deeds as the kindness of the society is clustered to help children in poor areas.

From 2011 to 2018, the event has been held for 14 times. 388,000 undergraduate students from 285 colleges and universities in 126 cities participated in the event and raised RMB 74.91 million for primary students in poverty-stricken and disaster-stricken areas.

In 2018, the Warm Action and Monthly Donation Action were also carried out. 122 colleges and universities in 68 cities took part in it. 10,478 people were invited to participate in the Monthly Donation Action, raising RMB 9.82 million of funds. 60,815 undergraduate student provided 846,974 hours of service in total