Our Domestic Work

Domestic Panda Pack Project——Small Package, Big Love

The Domestic Panda Pack Project is guided by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and jointly launched by CFPA, China Post, and CCTV-6 on April 26, 2009, as a national philanthropy project dedicated to improving the comprehensive development and living conditions of rural primary school students in poverty-stricken areas. By organizing panda pack donations, the program send one-on-one care to rural children and help them realize childhood dreams.

From April 26, 2009 to December 31, 2018, the Domestic Panda Pack Project received donations of RMB 677.567 million, of which 3.71 million transactions of donations were by individuals, and 325,000 by organizations. The project has distributed a total of 5.35 million art packages for students, 493,700 warm packages for students, and 31,000 parcels for schools, benefiting 27,738 schools and 5.93 million students from 842 counties in 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). At the same time, 6,549 families also benefited from the project.

In 2018, the Domestic Panda Pack Project received donations of RMB 67.44 million, input RMB 71.79 million, and issued 459,050 art packages and 89,656 warm packs for students, benefiting 2,871 schools and 548,706 students from 208 counties in 27 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions).