Our Domestic Work

Internet-Based Philanthropy


 Cooperation on Internet-Based Philanthropy with Alibaba

In 2018, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation raised RMB 227 million of funds through Goods for Good Platform, online philanthropy shops and Philanthropy Together Platform of Alibaba. More than 4.5 billion netizens and online shops supported programs of CFPA, including Panda Pack Project, Health Insurance for Poor Families' Labors, Child Companion Plan and joint fundraising projects of 28 NGOs.

Philanthropy Together, a product jointly launched by CFPA and Alibaba Philanthropy, called on netizens to donate steps to participate in public philanthropy. Online business owners would exchange the steps to support the Sunshine Track Program. During the 95 Philanthropy Week , CFPA invited Yao Cheng, Zheng Kai, Liu Yan, Chen Qiaoen, Zheng Yuanchang, Zhang Tianai, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang, New F4 and other celebrities to form teams to donate steps. In 2018, netizens donated 70 billion steps and 140,000 of online business owners took part in the donation, contributing to the completion of 20 Sunshine Tracks

Cooperation on Internet-Based Philanthropy with Ant Philanthropy

 In 2018, CFPA worked with Ant Philanthropy on One Yuan Donation Initiative and advocacy activities of the “Love without Borders” International Fundraising Event. In the meantime, CFPA encouraged public participation in philanthropy through participation in step donation and cooperation with Ant Farm.

In 2018, 52.5 million person-times of netizens contributed to Health Insurance for Poor Families' Labors, Panda Pack Project and Smiling Children Program in Ethiopia of CFPA through Ant Financial Services.


Cooperation on Internet-Based Philanthropy with Tecent Philanthropy

In 2018, CFPA launched several key fundraising activities with Tecent Philanthropy, such as 320 Mail Plan, 512 Brand Week and 1017 Poverty Alleviation Day, to encourage the public to take part in philanthropy through walking. During 99 Philanthropy Day period, 138 programs of CFPA, partner social organization and enterprises took part in fundraising. More than 398,800 person-times of people made donations and RMB 22.4 million were raised in total (including matching funds from Tecent and enterprises). The funds would mainly be used to help disadvantaged groups including children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Cooperation on Internet-Based Philanthropy with Other Platforms

In 2018, CFPA also worked with Sina Micro Philanthropy, Meituan Philanthropy, Didi Philanthropy, Suning Philanthropy and Internet-based platforms like Social Participation in Poverty Alleviation and Development of China. In addition, CFPA connected and signed cooperation agreements with Shuidichou and Qingsongchou.