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Philanthropy for Everyone——Sharing online fundraising resources with NPO partners

Philanthropy for Everyone – Tecent Joint Fundraising Program

Philanthropy for Everyone – Tecent Joint Fundraising Program was set up in 2014, aiming to create a convenient platform for online fundraising, and for the public to participate in philanthropy.

By the end of 2018, the program had received more than RMB 200 million of donation and launched more than 1,800 projects, covering 767 counties (cities and districts) and benefiting 2.6 million person-times.
In 2018, The program supported a total of 101 partner projects to participate in the “99 Philanthropy Day” event, raising funds amounting to RMB 17.64 million, providing support for online fundraising training for more than 300 people.

“Goods for Good” Joint Philanthropy Plan
“Goods for Good” Joint Philanthropy Plan was initiated by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Alibaba Philanthropy in 2016. As the organization for public fundraising, CFPA gives full play to its experience and advantages in funding philanthropic programs, management, and supervision. Up to date, the program has provided fundraising support for 37 programs, receiving RMB 75 million of donation and benefiting 24 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions ) over 270,000 person-times. In 2018 alone, RMB 23.33 million was raised.