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Love Without Boarder salon hold successfully


During this salon, Zhang Ming, the director of External liaison department of Red Cross stated his view of the internationalization of Chinese NGO. By two perspectives, he explained his idea. One is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the other is The Belt and Road strategy proposed by president Xi.

He first expressed his understanding of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially mentioned the connection between the Goals and Chinese NGO. He believes that in the frame of global govern, which has been expressed in that document, NGO, as an actor, will become more important than ever could imagine. Then, he came back to China by analyzed the Belt and Road strategy, which will surely cause more communications between China and foreign countries, as a chance for NGOs to work aboard. By pointed out the shortages of government assistance, he emphasizesd the importance and benefit of NGO to participant in this process. At the end of his speech, he gave out his understanding of demanding of internationalization of Chinese NGO as advocacy, preparation, human resource and funding.