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CFPA Internationalization Memorabilia(2009~2014)



Oct. 2009, vice –president of CFPA Mr.He Daofeng leading the aid African delegation went to Sudan for project research, and signed memorandum with Sudan partner (BTO) with an aim to cooperate in four aspects: humanitarian relief supplies, capacity building, the comprehensive hospital rebuilding and drinking water project.


Dec.2009, CFPA established international Development Department specializing in international aid projects.


Jan.2010,CFPA and UN world Food Program jointly raised fund value at RMB 2.56 million for Haidi earthquake, which used to support the UN world Food Program in Haidi to carry out the emergency rescue work.


Mar.2010,CFPA fundraised over RMB 400000 to help disaster victims through the Chilean embassy.


Mar.2010, CFPA aid RMB 388000 goods to Sudan, including 12 sets of maternity and child care medical equipments and 500 hands solar flashing radios.


Apr.2010, CFPA united China International Poverty Relief Center held Suden NGO and related government officials to China, conducted 10 dissertations,4 cases teaching, and arranging infants and mothers project study tour for them in Yulong, Yunnan.


Jun.2010, CFPA donated value of RMB 62200 office equipment to Sudan partner(BTO).


CFPA work with WFP fundraise RMB 100000 for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.


Jun.2011, Infant and mother Safe Project together with Macao Care Action donated second batch of medical apparatus and equipment which value RMB 3.5 million to Guinea-Bissau for the relief work for poor infant and mom.


Jun. 2011,the Sudan-China Abuausher Friendship Hospital built by CFPA and Sudan Charity organization(BTO) was completed, which got financial support of USD  600000 from China National Petroleum Corporation International Ltd.