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CFPA Internationalization Memorabilia(2001~2009)



Oct. 2001,CFPA successfully convened International Conference on Poverty Reduction Policy , over 170 related institutions and 200 representatives all over the world participated in this conference.


Nov.2003, as one of the initiator, CFPA held multinational companies and public welfare undertaking forum, probe to the communication of east and west public welfare undertaking.


May. 2004, Mercy Corps co-hosted “Sino-U.S enterprise charities experience interchange conference” in Beijing, which promote the mutual understanding of both sides.


Noc.2004, the CFPA and the U.S Mercy Crops jointly organized the“international disaster relief conference” in Beijing, which funded by the Himalayan research foundation.


Dec.2004, the top management of CFPA went to U.S and attended the training courses organized by Mercy Crops and related institutions get to learn American commonwealth organization construction and development situation and important experience of institution management.


Jan.2005, CFPA and Mercy Crops donated USD 5.3 million medicine to Indonsia tsunami hit and provide humanitarian aid for kids from the disaster areas.


Oct.2005,after Pakistan earthquake, CFPA send disaster investigation team to the disaster hit area----Pakistan administered Kashmir areas for disaster investigation and needs assessment  and donated over RMB 300000 mattresses, cloth, and other supplies to the disaster area.


In 2005, the hurricane “Katrina” hit south U.S, causes heavy casualities and poverty losses. CFPA united Mercy Crops take emergency operation, together launched “ we are together” activity. CFPA Vice-president Mr. He Daofeng went to New Orleans disaster hit areas for assessment.


Jul.2006, organized by CFPA, sponsored by Islamic Relief International Organization, in the theme of “share, exchange, collaboration”, the disaster relief conference competence construction international conference held in Beijing.


Apr.2007, the third meeting of the fifth council of CFPA decided the overall development strategy “to transform to grant making foundations and international development.



July.2007, the CFPA and care Action Macao jointly donated RMB 4 millions goods to Mothers Association of Guinea-Bissau for the poverty relief of infants and mothers.



May.2008, CFPA through the UN world Food Program donated RMB 330000 to Burmese cyclone disaster hit area for purchase supplies.