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CFPA International aid exploration


2015 is the ten years anniversary of CFPA international aid exploration. Under the support of all circles of society and the help of compassion enterprises, individuals and international NGOs, as the pioneer of Chinese NGO “Going to Internationalization”CFPA has made great contribution to the International humanitarian aid. In the meantime, CFPA led Chinese NGO stepping on the road of international aid. By the end of 2013, CFPA international aid accumulated to the value of RMB 71.99 million.

Beginning from 2005, CFPA had implemented aid programs in 12 countries and regions of Indonesian, North Korean, USA, Pakistan, Myanmar, Chile, Haiti, Japan, Guinea –Bissau, Sudan, Horn of Africa and Cambodian. Program type includes Disaster Relief, Demonstration of Sustainable Operation of International Philanthropic Hospital, International Notional School Meals, Demonstrative Network of Maternal and Infant Healthcare Network and College Student Sponsorship + Mobile School.