About Us

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) was established in 1989.

Registration and management agency: Ministry of Civil Affairs 

Supervising agency: the National Administration for Rural Revitalization

Our Vision: Be the best trusted, the best expected, and the best respected international philanthropy platform

Our Mission: Disseminate good and reduce poverty, help stakeholders to achieve their aims, and make the good more powerful

Our Values: Service, Innovation, Transparency, Tenacity

Slogan: Persistence Brings Changes

Industry: Non-profit Organization Management

Specialties: poverty alleviation, project management, fundraising, Health, Education, International development, Disaster Relief, Rural Development, and Advocacy


Headquarter: Beijing


Offices: Beijing, Chengdu (China)

             Yangon (Myanmar)

             Kathmandu (Nepal)

             Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)