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People Forum on International Social Responsibility


By the end of 2012, Chinese investors established nearly 22,000 enterprises overseas. The total assets of overseas companies are over $2.3 trillion. From 2000 to 2012, the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad increased from 10 million to 83 million. How to ensure the safety of these trillions of dollars of overseas assets and the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises overseas? Among 13 billion Chinese citizens, how many of them do have proper international awareness? And how to bring up the national dignity of our citizens when they are busy flocking to every corner of the world? All the questions become significant issues confronted by Chinese government, enterprises, scholars, media, NGOs and the public. If not handled properly, these problems will affect the process of Chinese people’s integration into the world, the operation environment of Chinese enterprises overseas, and even Chinese international image and the enhancement of Chinese soft power.

To better understand Chinese future international social responsibility, and to explore a pattern for Chinese government, enterprises, NGOs, think-tanks and media to participate together in fulfilling the international social responsibility, and also to promote and cultivate the national consciousness and dignity of Chinese people, CFPA funded scholars from China and Myanmar to conduct the research subject ‘A Serial of Books on China’s International Social Responsibility Research’, and decided to hold the ‘People Forum on China’s International Social.


People helping People


Our first goal is to Build Consensus.

Our second goal is to summarize and demonstrate.

Our third goal is to raise visibility and awareness.

Our final goal is to conduct pilot projects.


People Forum on International Social Responsibility was held successfully in Yingjie International Exchange Center of Beijing on November. 16th.,2013. CFPA and eighteen supporters jointly held this forum. Huang Mengfu, Vice-Chairmen of the Eleventh People’s Political Consultative Conference delivered a keynote speech. DuanYingbi, President of China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation, and ZhengWenkai, Deputy Director of China Center for International Economics Exchanges, took part in this forum and gave speeches. There are more than 300 representatives from Chinese related government departments, enterprises, NGOs and scholars invited to this forum.