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Maternal and Children Health Network Establishment Project


Sudan is a country that has the highest death rate of pregnant and lying-in women in the world, which is nearly 25 times more than China. According to Program Assessment in Sudan, causes of the high death rate of pregnant and lying-in women mainly lie in shortage of Maternal & Infant Healthcare Network and backward thoughts. Based on that, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation introduces more than 10 years of experience in implementing the Maternal and Child Health Project in China to Sudan.


  1.  Establish Maternal and Children Health Care Network Demonstration Zone in Sudan.
  2.  Expand the medical service scope.
  3.  Improve the medical service level of rural areas and provide reference experience for Sudan to    reduce the death rate of pregnant and lying-in women and infants.
  4.  Improve service capacity and management of local hospitals.

1.   Prefabricared Hospital Project 

The hospital will have departments of internal medicine, general medicine, orthopedics, stomatology, ENT, ophthalmology, pharmacy, laboratory, B-scanner, X-ray, anesthesiology, operation room and other departments.

Project period

one year

Funding criterion

$1million for a prefabricared hospital covering an area of 1000 square meter

Project case

In December 2010, China National Petroleum Corporation International (Nile) Ltd.. donated USD 600,000 for the construction of Sudan-China Abuausher Friendship Hospital. On June 2011, CFPA cooperated with AL Birr & AL-Tawasul Organization to successfully complete the construction of the Hospital. The hospital project is highly recognized by both China and Sudan governments. Mr.Zubibr Bashier, the Governor of Gezira State, claimed that the hospital was the most advance in his state. The project is considered as the model for international cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of China.

2. Maternal & Infant Healthcare Network in Sudan

Project contacts

  1.  Set up local management team for daily work.
  2.  Establish Maternal and Children Health Network Demonstration Zone in Sudan
  3.  Organize capacity building for midwives and pregnancy school in communities.

Funding criterion

USD150000 each network

3.    Medical Equipments Donation project


       Each package of medical equipments maintains 29 items for delivery safety.

Funding criterion

RMB 2000 each package