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Smiling Children Project


In development countries, about 66 million pupils go hungry, among which 23 million are in Africa. African hunger population reaches up to 16%, even 30% in some areas. School-Feeding Project of CFPA struggles to alleviate the malnutrition of children in poverty-stricken areas, and improve children’s healthy growth guarantee level. Since 2008, this project has made great progress in China, covering 39 counties in six provinces. Based on the successful experience of Combodian School meal program jointly implemented with WFP and Tencent and School-Feeding Project of CFPA, CFPA decides to promote International Children Hungry Relief Project as its first international philanthropic project to the world. China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy and CFPA jointly initiate the Smiling Children Project to feed hungry students who are from poor regions in less developed African countries.


Smiling Children Project


China and Africa Love and Smile


Feed hungry students who are from poor regions in less developed African countries.

The implementing country selection

  1.  one of the world’s 49 least developed countries
  2.  one of countries with the high Global Hunger Index (GHI) in Africa friendly relation with China
  3.  have relatively stable in political and economic environment

The target groups

Children from orphanage schools, homeless schools and public welfare schools

Funding criteria

According to the standard of one US dollar (RMB 5 yuan) one day for a student, to feed a student for an academic year (220 days) requires RMB 1,100 yuan, for a school with 100 students requires RMB 110,000 yuan. The project implementation cost is included.

Project complementation 

1.    Establish the Philanthropic Fund for Africa

 Fund source:

domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals (including overseas Chinese) that are willing to contribute to the international charity.

 Fund uses:

Initial funds should be used for the smiling children project;

In international advocacy programs (advocating international charity  related visits, research, training, seminars, forums and exhibitions);

In international aid programs (in education, health care, community development, humanitarian aid, etc.)

  Sponsor:China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

2. Smiling Children project implementation process