Our Domestic Work

Everyone Philanthropy

With the support of all sectors, CFPA has become a philanthropic organization with the largest scale and greatest social impact in poverty reduction. Since 1989, CFPA not only tries its best to develop aid programs but also works hard to spread the principle of everyone philanthropy and advocate for the love of human beings. Up to now, CFPA have started more than ten advocacy programs including Welldoing 100, CCTV Dream Star Partner, For You, One Care One, Donate1 Yuan. Show Love. Send Nutrition, Welldoer, Jingxin Book Foundation, Conquer Hunger 24 Hours. “Welldoing 100 “activity is the volunteer money-raising activity with the biggest influence and most raised funds. CCTV Dream Star Partner was jointly launched by CCTV1 and CFPA, aiming to support the public welfare program involving children and teenager fields including children safety, health, education and orphan relief and assist the development of NGO in related fields. “Welldoer” activity integrates walking and public welfare fund-raising, advocate the modern public welfare concept of Everyone Can Do Public Welfare. “Conquer Hunger 24 Hours” activity aims to call for public attention to the poverty-stricken families from all over the world.