Our Domestic Work

School-Feeding Project


In the past 10 years those living in rural China have experienced dramatic improvements to their dietary and lifestyle conditions. Even so, statistics show that an estimated 15 million rural children have no daily guaranteed source of protein.

Lack of adequate nutrition is detrimental to childhood physical and mental development and malnourished children suffer from serious permanent and negative health repercussions for the rest of their lives.

According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2006, rural male adolescents were on average 5cm shorter and 4.5 kilograms lighter than their urban counterparts. Rural female adolescents were on average 4.2 cm shorter and 3.4 kilograms lighter than their urban counterparts.

The School Feeding Program works to ensure that children in rural impoverished regions are able to fulfill the their required daily protein intake necessary for healthy growth and development.



The School Feeding Project operates 2 distinct programs. One supplements students' diets with a carton of milk and an egg per school day and the other provides materials necessary to furnish a fully functional kitchen canteen so that students are able to enjoy a warm nutritious lunch during the school day.


To support our School Feeding Program CFPA runs yearly donation drives with the support of our Partners Wal-Mart Stores and Yum! Brands, Inc., on their Chinese business premises.

In addition to public contributions, in 2015 the School Feeding program has also received financial backing from international and domestic enterprises including PepsiCo, TetraPak, General Mills, Royal DSM, Cisco Systems, Happy Valley Amusement Parks, Yili Group, MAS, Arrow Ceramics, Beijing Ershang Group, Alipay, and the Tencent and Sina Weibo Charity Platforms.



As of June 2016 the School Feeding Project has expended 140,000,000 RMB to provide beneficiary students with 34,800,000 daily portions of supplementary dairy foodstuffs, and installed standardized canteen kitchens in 1,000 schools.

The School Feeding Project currently covers 68 counties in 10 provinces.