Our International Work

Panda Pack Project

In February 2019, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation launched the Panda Pack Project jointly with Alibaba Philanthropy. The Panda Pack Project aims to improve the basic learning conditions of primary school students in need and help the development of quality education in beneficiary countries. With the theme of “Gifts from Panda Land”, it embodies the good wishes of the Chinese people to the children in beneficiary countries, and expresses the friendship of Chinese people and strengthens people-to-people ties. 
The pattern design of the backpack and learning supplies fully reflects the cultural characteristics of China and the beneficiary country. A friendship card prepared in the local language would let the students better feel the greetings and wishes from “Panda Land”.
The Panda Pack Project benefits 742,152 students in total by 2020. In 2020, the Panda Pack Project was implemented in Myanmar, Nepal, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, and Namibia. 
The Panda Pack Project continues to sow the seed of hope and bring love across the border. 

Beneficiary student in Laos waiting to receive the Panda Packs (Photo by Xinhua)

Distribution Ceremony of Panda Pack Project in Pakistan 

Beneficiary students in Cambodia expressing their gratitude

Beneficiary students in Ethiopia happily receiving the Panda Pack

Beneficiary student in Myanmar opening the Panda Pack

Beneficiary students in Nepal receiving the Panda Packs