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Haiti: Haiti Humanitarian Aid Operation

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the Caribbean island nation of Haiti on October 3rd 2016, razing houses, uprooting trees, inundating field and destroying municipal water supply systems. The Haitian Ministry of Defense announced on the 10th that Hurricane Mathew left at least 372 people dead, 246 people injured, over 170,000 people homeless of which 140,000 required immediate humanitarian intervention, and caused outbreaks of cholera in remote flood affected regions.

CFPA at once began to mobilize humanitarian resources, and on October 12th dispatched emergency aid workers to Haiti. CFPA surveyed the disaster site, conducted medical patrols, and distributed aid materiel in a series of operations addressing the immediate humanitarian needs of hurricane struck communities. Materiel relief provided was valued at over to USD 30,000, and directly benefited over 2035 hurricane victims, and included medical supplies which was used to successfully treat 436 patients.