Our International Work

Ethiopia Smiling Children & Water Cellar

Smiling Children Ethiopia

The Smiling Children Project is operated in conjunction with local NGO Ye Enat Weg Charitable Association to provide free breakfast and lunch to children attending public schools in Ethiopia. The project safeguards the health and development of children from impoverished families while simultaneously improving their access to public education. As a pioneering demonstrator of the “people helping people” assistance model, the project strengthens ties and enhances cooperation between the peoples’ of China and Ethiopia.

The project has won the support of all sectors of Ethiopian society who have contributed to the project so Ye Enat Weg now supports 20,000 students using the Smiling Children operating procedures. In August 2016 the First Lady of Ethiopia Roman Tesfaye wrote a letter commending CFPA’s work to China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan. Madam Peng acknowledged the letter in a reply which praised CFPA’s people helping people humanitarian work.

Water Cellar

On July 30th 2017, CFPA and XCMG Corporation backed workers broke ground at the Oda Neba elementary school in Akaki on the 1st of 41 water cellars. Completed in October 2016 the cellar immediately began providing water to 300 students and teachers. Construction work on the remaining 40 water cellars began in February 2017 which will be built in 5 villages east and north of Addis Abba in the Kticha and Chelle regions. Currently work on 19 underground 21 above ground water cellars proceeds apace and on schedule. Construction is overseen by water harvesting experts who spend 4 days per week in each village guiding the work carried out by teams of skilled and unskilled laborers.