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Nepal: The Nepal Post-Disaster Projects

2016 saw the second-year operation of CFPA Nepal Office. Continuing with the efforts made in the emergency response to Nepal earthquake on April 25th, 2015, CFPA was implementing post-disaster programs in two main areas of education and health with 7 projects: School Rebuilding, Care Packages and Stationary Distribution, Computer Labs & Career Support for People with Disabilities, Post-disaster Psychological Consulting, School Furniture Support, Hepatitis B Screening, and WASH program, with 16,302 beneficiaries. By the end of 2016, CFPA has raised total of 11.43 million yuan in cash and materials for Nepal emergency relief and post-disaster recovery. The cumulative expenditure was 9.37 million yuan, including 4.48 million yuan for emergency relief phase, 1.96 million yuan for transitional resettlement phase, and 2.93 million yuan for post disaster recovery; benefiting more than 18.8 million people.