Our Domestic Work

Equality in Education

CFPA launched such projects as Nesting Action, New Great Wall Student Grant, and Love Package, and is committed to promoting the comprehensive development of students in poor areas and improving their living conditions. 

1.Warm Package Loving Heart

Love Package Project is a national public welfare activities launched by CFPA on April 26, 2009. In the form of donation and purchase of love packages, CFPA sends the love and care to the children, improves the comprehensive development and living conditions of students in poverty-stricken areas, and helps the children realize their childhood dreams.

2. To Build Warm School and Dormitory

On October 17, 2011, CFPA officially launched Nesting Action Project, which aimed at building dormitories for primary schools in poor rural areas and providing warm homes for poverty-stricken students. Under the great support of China Central Television news channel, this Project has received widespread attention from all sectors of society, and many warm-hearted people and business have made generous donations.

3.To Help Poverty-Stricken Students

Self-improvement Class Project for New Great Wall poverty-stricken high school students is a targeted poverty alleviation project, taking high school students with family financial difficulties as assistance target and providing economic subsidy and talent support service. By the end of 2016, the Project has covered 201 counties in 27 provinces and organized 432 self-improvement classes in 152 high schools. The project accumulatively raised 81.125million yuan and directly had 532,000 beneficiaries (person-time), helping over 19,000 high school students complete their studies, and cultivating the independent and self-improvement spirit of the students.

4.No Child Left Behind

Children Companion Plan was launched in October, 2015, aiming to build a custody network for left-behind children through the mode of “one person, one family, one link”, to guarantee rights and interests of left-behind children, to explore effective method of welfare protection for rural left-behind children, and then to provide reference for decision-making of government.

Currently, Children Companion Plan has invested over 8 million yuan in total. This plan has covered 200 villages in 20 countries of 11 cities (prefectures) in Sichuan and Guizhou provinces , benefiting nearly 100,000 children, collecting and meeting over 7,000chidlren’s needs.

5.Moving Forward

In 2016, CFPA integrated Children Development Plan and Moving Forward Plan into Moving Forward Plan, aiming to assist comprehensive development of children in poverty-stricken areas through continuous care and support. About 5.2 million yuan was expensed for the Plan in 2016. Schoolyard under Moving Forward Plan has provided Love Kitchen facilities for 17 schools, built playgrounds for 8 schools, and created reading rooms for 11 schools to improve facilities of teaching. Meanwhile, the Plan has brought fine art bags, sports bags, warmth bags, music bags, and other learning and living articles to 8,150 children to improve their learning and living conditions. Classroom under Moving Forward Plan carried out weekly “Moving Forward Course” in 51 schools and 21 “Moving Forward, Village” summer camps.