Our Domestic Work

Rural Healthcare

CFPA has launched, in 2000 and 2008, projects as “Maternal and Infant Health 120 Action” and “nutritious meals” to help poor mothers and children to boost the inpatient delivery rate among pregnant and lying-in women, reduce maternal mortality, and improve maternal and child life support level and health level; Meanwhile, CFPA advocates the whole society to pay attention to children’s nutrition condition in poverty-stricken areas. By providing extra nutrition meals and Love Kitchen facilities, CFPA improves children’s growth and development condition in poor mountainous areas, reduces malnutrition rate and anemia rate of children, promotes their health level.

1.Protection of Maternal and Child Health

Aiming at reducing maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate and improving the life support level and health level of mothers and children in poverty-stricken areas, the Maternal and Infant Health Project, since its launch in 2000, has initiated such projects as Maternal and Infant Health 120 projects, Assistance for the Blind, Assistance for the Hearing-impaired and Assistance for Service

2.Care for Disabled People with Dementia

Elderly Care Project actively copes with the accelerating trend of aging of population and solves the elderly care problem of the elderly. Since launched in 2015, Elderly Care Project has been devoting itself to a comprehensive system for elderly care service and providing high-quality and professional elderly care service with disability and dementia, especially for the poor and low-income ones. Elderly Care Project combines “concentrated institutional elderly care” and “community-based elderly care” to build a community comprehensive system of elderly care and actively explores the sustainable development of public welfare elderly care. Currently, Elderly Care Demonstration Project takes Ya’an City of Province as a pilot region to build Ya’an public welfare elderly care demonstration project.

3.Improvement of Children Nutrition

Since its launch in 2008, Nutritious Meals Project has improved children’s nutrition condition in poverty-stricken areas through offering them nutritious meals, Love Kitchen facilities, and nutrition education, etc. By 2016, the project has invested about 185million yuan, having benefited 74 countries (districts) in remote mountainous areas in 37 prefectures (cities) of 10 provinces.